Yuncture is up and running

History’s first Yuncture program started Monday last week. Four young talents have now moved into us at the office. It’s fun to see those entrepreneurs who really are passionate about their companies/projects. Each Yuncture has been awarded with at least two mentors, specially selected to contribute the most current expertise. And every month, the work is followed during a longer monthly meeting. The first meeting started today, with the one we first presented as a Yuncture… Dalie.

Dalie Bäfverfeldt
Dalie began 5-6 years ago to get her eyes on yoga and meditation in connection with travel she did. She is currently a yoga teacher and holds classes for both private individuals and companies. In a short time she has become an established name within the yoga sphere and is highly appreciated as a teacher. And it was just in the yoga hall that Yunctures and Dalie’s roads were crossed from the beginning. Mats, who has been a saved yoga practitioner for a few years, saw something special in Dalie’s way of teaching. That she had a clear vision of her business made it more interesting. Read more about Dalie on her website.

Eric Nilsson and Albin Carlsson
The second Yuncture that we brought along actually consists of both Eric and Albin, who have two business ideas. But as they run their company Bull Investment Group together, we make it easier for us and present everything as a package. One of their business idea goes under the project name SmoothSys. The idea of ​​this project is that SmoothSys will facilitate the payment process on for example concerts and sport events. It is quite right in time and with a unique product, the company can go really far. Eric and Albin’s other project runs under the project name HeadsUp, and will be an aid that increases athletes’ ability to react. Something that is very important in most team sports.

Isabella Borrego
The last Yuncture is Isabella Borrego. The dream was to be able to support herself as an artist. But after a serious muscle injury around the larynx she had to put down these plans. Instead, she began to explore her other passions. A passion was the interest in psychology and the human brain in relation to digitization. In this she found endless development opportunities, not least in the digital school environment for children and adolescents. Isabella’s project Tidioo aims at increasing concentration and learning in the digital school environment, as well as improving the use of smartphones, tabletops and computers as a tool in teaching.