How does Hammarviken position itself?

Hammarviken’s investment strategy is not industry-specific. Rather, it is guided by 4 key criteria, which we use to determine whether or not a given investment is right for us.

  • Hammarviken should have knowledge of the industry on which the company is focused.
  • The company should have a fully-developed product/service which is ready to sell.
  • The product/service the company is selling must show evidence of untapped potential.
  • While it is not a requirement, it is major advantage if the company already has a well-established brand identity.

What kind of company are we looking for?


Click on the boxes below to read more about how Hammarviken thinks about companies in each phase. Hammarviken’s main activity is primarily what is described in the orange field below – operations and development.

Our main business


Our project Yuncture gives new entrepreneurs the chance to grow and develop their business concepts from an early stage. Together with Hammarviken, they bring their ideas to fruition as fully-fledged companies.


Hammarviken has extensive experience in running companies. Our seasoned business managers ensure secure business partnerships, and we are eager to work together to develop your business.


Hammarviken’s expertise and interest lies in developing companies. We are dedicated to helping our companies to grow. Our entrepreneurial spirit and marketing-oriented mindset always bring great momentum to the companies in which we invest.


In most cases, our work does not entail a fixed-term investment horizon. However, we are not averse to occasionally formulating clear plans to sell, provided that both we and our partners are in agreement regarding the terms.