Hammarviken’s subsidiary Stavdal merges with Ramirent

Hammarviken Företagsutveckling AB acquired Stavdal AB in 2004 together with the company’s management and has successfully run the company since then. Stavdal AB’s merger with Ramirent Plc forms a leading player in the Swedish rental market and creates great opportunities for all parties.

Hammarviken’s owner and chairman Mats Rydhede has been involved in running Stavdal right from the start. The company is one of Sweden’s largest building-related rental companies. Stavdal’s team, which today amounts to 280 people, merges with Ramirent’s 800 employees in Sweden and will together be able to expand the two operations. The companies share values, something that Hammarviken sees as a fundamental factor for succeeding together.

“The deal with Ramirent feels like a natural and exciting business. Together, we form Sweden’s largest rental company and also become part of the second largest player in the European rental market, which we see as a great future advantage. The most important of all, we believe that the people in the companies will thrive well in the merged business,” says Mats Rydhede, owner and chairman of Hammarviken.

In connection with the deal, Hammarviken will be the third largest owner in the second largest rental company in Europe (Ramirent). Mats Rydhede will also be a new member of Ramirent’s board.

The transaction is subject to approval by the Swedish Competition Authority and is expected to be completed no later than Q3 2019.

Read Stavdal’s press release here.
Read Ramirent’s press release here.

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