The Yuncture incubator program is the juncture between young talent and the business establishment. Together with the expertise from Hammarviken, Yuncture develop the entrepreneur’s business ideas into a future sustainable and successful company. Yuncture is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hammarviken and the incubator program will take place at the head office of Hammarviken. For more information, please visit Yuncture’s website.


The inspiration that became Yuncture began with the brainstorm of two colleagues at Hammarviken, Elsa and Christoffer. They felt that the city lacked a clear leader when it came to helping young entrepreneurs struggling to break into the business world.

Gothenburg is teeming with young, driven people and promising new companies that have much to offer, and which have the potential to compete on both the national and international stage. Yuncture’s mission is to collect and foster these fresh talents. They facilitate natural contact between young companies and Gothenburg’s business community, thereby lending energy, expertise, and capital to the ideas that are born here.

Young entrepreneurs who take part in our program receive ongoing advice from our investment committee about how to develop their business concepts or build their start-ups. The committee is made up of a panel of experts for whom building and developing businesses is already second-nature. The incubator program runs for 6 months, and Yuncture take on 4–5 companies per session.

Yuncture AB

Jolengatan 21 A, 431 49 Mölndal, Sweden


Phone: 031-89 50 40

Latest news

Igår var det återigen dags för ett månadsmöte med SmoothSys. Deras första testpilot genomfördes i förra veckan. Syftet med testpiloten var att prova betalappen i ett lugnt sammanhang för att komma på ännu bättre lösningar som gör appen enklare för användaren. Eric och Albin verkade nöjda med testen som genomfördes hos Näsets SK i söndags. Planen framöver är att hitta ytterligare, men denna gången större testpiloter. Utöver detta har vi börjat diskutera namn och lanseringskampanj. I nästa vecka kör vi vidare med månadsmötena.

Vi lovar att hålla er uppdaterade. Men tills dess, en riktigt go helg! 😎