Stavdal AB is one of Sweden’s leading construction equipment rental companies. Their range of products includes lifts, sheds, forklifts, and construction machinery. Stavdal is a full-service supplier; in addition to machine rental they also offer services such as the assembling and installation of scaffolding, generators, and training courses for construction and industrial sites and factories. The company has rental locations in a number of localities throughout Sweden (most in metropolitan areas), as well as a branch in Oslo. For more information, please visit Stavdal’s website.


In the beginning of 2005, Hammarviken acquired a majority stake in Stavdal, which is now the largest privately owned machine rental company in the Swedish market, and the third largest enterprise of its kind in the country overall. The company has undergone significant growth; in 2013 it opened its first foreign office, in Oslo, Norway.

Machine rental is a growing industry. More and more companies in this field are focused on reducing their balance sheets and minimizing investments. Hammarviken saw an opportunity to bring together many top players in this industry within Sweden (and now Norway as well), and decided to invest in Stavdal. We consider the company’s nearly tenfold increase in sales in the past decade to be proof that our decision was a sound one.

Stavdal AB

Norra Långebergsgatan 6, 421 32 Västra Frölunda, Sweden


Phone: +46 (0)31-793 09 00

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