SafetyRespect AB sells and rents fall protection equipment to the construction and industrial sectors. The motivation for using such equipment is that it ensures that employees feel safe while on the job, thereby allowing them to focus on their work, rather than having to worry about their own safety. SafetyRespect has over 25 years of experience in providing safety solutions to the construction industry. The company offers a range of solutions for handling, lifting, and storing construction materials that are user-friendly, flexible, and logistically efficient. Their fall protection railings have been used on major construction sites, such as Stockholm’s Tele2 Arena, Facebook’s Luleå Data Center, and Gothia Towers in Gothenburg. For more information, please visit SafetyRespect’s website. SafetyRespects website

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When Hammarviken moved to invest in SafetyRespect in the spring of 2011, the company had already developed a highly effective fall protection system, and was run by a decidedly competent management team. In collaboration with Hammarviken, SafetyRespect developed a strategically sound business model and financing plan that would serve the company well. Since its acquisition by Hammarviken, SafetyRespect’s sales in Sweden have multiplied. SafetyRespect has also established operations in Norway, Turkey, and the Baltics.

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SafetyRespect AB

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