Once again a leading company

For the third year in a row, Hammarviken ranks at the top of Veckans Affärer business magazine’s list of Sweden’s leading companies (“Sveriges Superföretag”). It is quit unusual to be on the list for three years in a row. It is more common that they change half of the list each year.

The annual list of Sweden’s “superföretag”, made by Veckans Affärer, is based on a series of key indicators such as growth profitability, financial stability, etc. All Swedish limited liability companies are reviewed, analyzed, and then ranked.

Total limited liability companies in Sweden: approximately 500 000 companies

Of all swedish companies, these are on the list: 580 companies
Ranking of Hammarviken in Sweden: 17
Ranking of Hammarviken in the Gothenburg region: 1

See the full list here.