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Mera Maskin sells, leases and services machines and accessories for professional use in park and management. Mera Maskin offers a comprehensive concept and represents well-known brands in golf, arena, park, management and garden. The machines and accessories range from large riding mowers, electric cars, tractors and golf cars to chainsaws and mowers, etc. Sales and leasing take place mainly in Western Sweden.

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Mera Maskin was acquired into the Hammarviken Group in 2017 and was then owned by Stavdal, but in 2018 it was moved up to Hammarviken Företagsutveckling and is now owned by the mother company.

Mera Maskin (formerly Västerservice Tractor AB) was founded in 1987 by Bo Olausson. At the time, it was a one-man company that over the years has evolved to become a full-range company and a complete supplier of both new and used machines. Currently, around 20 people work within the company and Mera Maskin is an established player in Västra Götaland (Western Sweden). The offer is based on machines and accessories for professional use in parks and management.

In 2018, Mera Maskin acquired Orust Motor and EBO Hydraul in Stenungsund.

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