Investments in turn around companies

A company sometimes gets into difficulties. Some crucial wrong decisions, unexpected fluctuations in the market or organizational disruptions can cause problems for a basically good company.

The experience, creativity and access to large capital makes Partnerinvest a natural contact for companies that are heading into a difficult situation. With our own money, active ownership, energetic work and modern influences, we invest in turn around companies and restore them to their true value.

Partnerinvest is a part of the company group Hammarviken. With solid experience in combination with new and modern ideas, mainly from our incubator Yuncture, guarantees that Partnerinvest can take companies that have gotten into difficulties out of their predicament and then develop again.

Partnerinvest is primarily run by Mats Rydhede, who among other things has a background in turn-around-related assignments in many different industries. The team also includes our colleagues Peter Björnram, a well-known bankruptcy lawyer and Christoffer Rydhede, founder of Yuncture and responsible for Hammarviken’s investments in the innovation business area.

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