Hammarviken’s Day

In 2016, Hammarviken decided to invest more in communication and marketing. Josefin started as communications manager in October and since then we have put a lot of work on our exterior. And as we decided to start appearing more, we started to think about an event that could tie us closer to our contacts. But at the same time let our contacts get a relationship with each other. This eventually came into what we now call Hammarviken’s Day.

Last Thursday it was the premiere – the first Hammarviken’s Day ever. And at least it was a successful event. For two hours, selected people had been invited to listen to exciting talks by Lena Apler (Collector Bank) and Peter Hjörne (Göteborgs-Posten) at Gamla Ullevi in Gothenburg. Because Lena’s talks would be about startups, we took the opportunity to draw a shorter presentation of our new company Yuncture. An incubator program that wants to act the juncture between young talents and the business establishment.

Lena’s speech was about a startup investor’s strategy. It became intense but, at least, interesting 40 minutes where Lena told us about her background, dare to change career direction, “brag pics” (as she called it) on Collector Bank’s figures – and of course the story of how Lena always eats an apple in the morning before she even got out of bed.

Peter Hjörne with his 40 years at Göteborgs-Posten talked about communication in change. And the winds of change have undoubtedly blown over GP and in recent years the Stampen Media Group. In about 50 minutes, he got all the room to laugh at his old anecdotes, especially that one about his old grandmother who slept during a board meeting. Even though most of Peter’s talks allowed the guests to pull on the smiles, he could quickly switch to more serious subjects, such as Stampen’s reconstruction. A lovely and important combo.

We would like to thank everyone who came and hope you thought it was an inspiring afternoon. And of course a big thanks to Lena Apler and Peter Hjörne. To those who did not have the opportunity to attend, keep your eyes open for future Hammarviken’s Days. Because there will definitely be.