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Hammarviken Fastigheter acquires, develops, and manages real estate properties in the Gothenburg region. The company focuses on commercial properties that both have excellent potential for development and are well positioned geographically. Hammarviken Fastigheter has streamlined its portfolio, and currently its holdings are limited to a number of large industrial and office properties.

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Hammarviken Fastigheter is always open to investigating interesting offers and because of an excellent equity the company can close deals quickly.

Hammarviken Företagsutveckling AB has been investing in its subsidiary, Hammarviken Fastigheter AB, since the late 1990s. Since its inception, Hammarviken Fastigheter has gone through phases of both acquisitions and sales, depending on what the company felt would best serve its purposes.

We welcome proposals and offers involving interesting properties. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Högsbo | Norra Långebergsgatan 6

This property is located in Högsbo industrial park, just off the Söderleden section of Gothenburg’s ring road. This area has excellent potential for future development. The building has an area of over 4000 m² and houses numerous businesses, including the headquarters of Stavdal.

Högsbo | August Barks Gata 5

The building on this property has an area of 1400 m², surrounded by a spacious, fenced yard. The property’s strategic position adjacent to Söderleden, a section of Gothenburg’s ring road, makes it easily accessible and offers excellent exposure. The current tenants are SafetyRespect and Storel.

Marieholm | Lilla Marieholmsgatan 7-9

This property is located in the Marieholm industrial area, adjacent to the waterway that leads into Gothenburg from the North Sea. It is approximately 3 km from the city center. The building has an area of over 6000 m², and its location, adjacent to the Marieholmsleden highway ensures excellent exposure for its occupants. The current tenants are Trafikverket, Lindab, Sigma Färg, and Storel.

Åbro | Kongegårdsgatan 1

Our property in Åbro, in the Mölndal area of Gothenburg, is a distinctive building adjacent to the stables of the famous Åby Racetrack. Nestled in a pastoral setting, it is nonetheless a stone’s throw from Söderleden, a section of Gothenburg’s ring road. The building boasts large windows and an area of nearly 1000 m². The current tenants are Zäta Motor/Yamaha Center.

Eklanda Sisjön | Jolengatan 21 A

Jolengatan is yet another of Hammarviken Fastigheter’s properties in Mölndal. It, too, is strategically positioned along the Söderleden (a section of Gothenburg’s ring road). The building has an area of 1700 m². Its elegant architecture incorporates large windows and open, airy spaces. The property serves as Hammarviken and Yuncture’s headquarters. The current tenants are ByggHemma.

Eklanda Sisjön | Jolengatan 21 B

The neighboring property of Hammarviken’s office came into our ownership in 2017. The building is 1710 m², of which 1100 m² is an exhibition space for tenants Konradssons Kakel.

Hammarviken Fastigheter AB

Jolengatan 21 A, 431 49 Mölndal, Sweden