Hammarviken presents Yuncture

Since the foundation of Hammarviken in the early 2000s, our company holdings have grown and the competence has been expanded. We invest in small and medium-sized companies where the ambition is to make these companies to the next level. Therefore, we are now launching Yuncture, an incubator program that is the juncture between young talent and the business establishment.

The inspiration that became Yuncture began with the brainstorm of two colleagues at Hammarviken. They felt that the city lacked a clear leader when it came to helping young entrepreneurs struggling to break into the business world.

Gothenburg is teeming with young, driven people and promising new companies that have much to offer, and which have the potential to compete on both the national and international stage. Yuncture’s mission is to collect and foster these fresh talents. We facilitate natural contact between young companies and Gothenburg’s business community, thereby lending energy, expertise, and capital to the ideas that are born here.

“Today there is no clear player and we want to fill that gap. We are convinced that we can contribute in many ways with expertise and inspiration.” says Elsa Strandberg and Christoffer Rydhede, Yuncture.

In Yuncture’s program, young entrepreneurs with business ideas or start-up companies receive ongoing advice from a selected investment committee. The committee consists of competent people who know how to build and develop companies. The incubator program lasts over 6 months and Yuncture takes 4-5 companies at a time.

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