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Hällingsjö Hus produces and pre-fabricates custom homes and additions/extensions for both building contractors and private customers. If a client does not yet have a blueprint, Hällingsjö Hus develops solutions and collaborates with various architects to come up with a design. The company deals primarily in the construction of villas (mainly in Sweden and Norway), but also produces additions/extensions, semi-detached homes, and multi-family apartment blocks. In recent years, the company’s collaboration with major contractors has also expanded. Hällingsjö Hus now works with some of the largest contracting companies in all of Sweden.

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Sales, in millions (SEK)

Hammarviken became a partner in Hällingsjö Hus in 2016. The company is now moving forward in a new and exciting partnership arrangement, with Hammarviken working in collaboration with Hällingsjö Hus’s highly seasoned management team. Hällingsjö Hus has long been well-positioned as a producer of single-family homes in the Western Swedish market, and is ready to take steps to expand its horizons. The company serves both large housing developers and private clients.

Hällingsjö Hus boasts annual sales of more than SEK 160 million, and its factory in Hällingsjö is operating at nearly full capacity. Therefore, we will immediately set in motion a major expansion in order to increase the company’s production capacity. The market for single-family homes will be booming for years to come, and we want to continue to be a major player in this industry. The extensive expertise of Hällingsjö Hus’s management team, combined with Hammarviken’s corporate experience, puts the company in an excellent position to compete.

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