Hammarviken’s development


While it is now a major company, Hammarviken grew out of its collaboration with small businesses. Despite our commitments to numerous investment-intensive companies, we have managed to expand without relying upon external financing. Instead, we have funded our growth by maintaining continuous profitability and a generous cash flow. Hammarviken has flourished in recent years. We have continued to grow in leaps and bounds, despite numerous economic downturns and global financial crises. Since 2007, both sales and earnings have increased many times over, but without jeopardizing the company’s financial stability. Hammarviken is endowed with ample equity, and our liquidity is good.

Hammarviken 2020 | amCharts

Hammarviken’s strengths


Hammarviken is run by people with extensive experience in the corporate management of companies of all sizes. We believe that employing both experienced people as well as young, curious-minded individuals creates potent potential, and can make a big difference in a company’s success. Above all, what we bring to the table is:



Business acumen and resourcefulness.
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Using our own private equity, or via external financing. Get in touch with the right person.



Our focus is on transparency, a targeted approach, and the benefits of including the organization with which we are working in the transition process.
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Legal expertise

Our in-house and trusted external network of lawyers have extensive expertise and experience in legal matters.
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Sales power

Sales are the cornerstone of any successful business. We are driven by this knowledge, and know how to implement it.
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Marketing & communication

Strategic thinking and operational work open a company up to the outside world – and vice-versa. Get in touch with the right person.