Our business concept


Hammarviken Företagsutveckling was founded in the early 2000’s by Mona and Mats Rydhede. The Rydhede’s novel business concept was to consolidate business and real estate investment under a single umbrella group. In the years since our founding, our corporate holdings have grown and our internal expertise has become ever more expansive. We currently invest in companies both large and small, but all of which share a common ambition – to develop their businesses.


Core values


Our key words represent Hammarviken’s core values, and are the starting point for all our business relationships. These 4 cornerstones, combined our with comprehensive business expertise, are the rock-solid foundation on which we have built stable, long-term relationships, and ensure both our own success and that of the companies we serve. Our business partners are safe in the knowledge that Hammarviken encourages an open dialogue and honest cooperation, and that all our actions are governed by a spirit of mutual respect. We appreciate the honest and open exchange of ideas, and want those we work with to be able to express their opinions – though never at the expense of others.

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Hammarviken strives to develop and improve other companies. Curiosity and open-mindedness yield the best business solutions.

We encourage an atmosphere of honesty and collaboration. We want everyone with whom we have business dealings to feel that they can trust Hammarviken.

By offering everyone the chance to succeed and by respecting our different backgrounds and experiences, we can build a great team of individuals who are united by the same core values.

We see no contradiction in living by the maxims above while still putting our extensive expertise to good use in managing our business holdings.
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At Hammarviken, we are happy to encourage the growth of unions and organizations that benefit society and the world around us. Our passionate interest in a wide variety of issues, combined with exemplary networking opportunities, has led to Hammarviken enter into strategic partnerships with the following sports clubs and CSR projects.

Giving People
Stroke Invest

A leading Swedish company

Each year, Veckans Affärer business magazine publishes a list of Sweden’s “Superföretag” – companies that are true leaders in Sweden’s business community. Rankings are based on a series of key indicators such as growth profitability, financial stability, etc. All Swedish limited liability companies (roughly 500,000) are reviewed, analyzed, and ranked. Around 700 companies are included in the list. Hammarviken was awarded a high ranking on the list in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Most recently, we were ranked #16 in Sweden which also means number 1 in western Sweden.

Veckans Affärer Superföretag