A lot is going on

Here at Hammarviken everything is rolling at a furious pace. Summer comes closer and the pace is as high as it usually is this time of the year.
There is a lot of things going on in our group right now, so we thought it would be a good idea for a little summary.

Stavdal opened a new rental center in Stockholm, in May. Stavdal HQ will after the summer expand its office and take over the top floor on Norra Långebergsgatan, what used to be an office hotel. Stavdal wants the office to be consistent with their existing offices in the same house and thats why a renovation is going on right now. And speaking of rebuilding. Hammarviken Fastigheter has had several meetings with an architect, who designed how it might look on Jolengatan. The idea is that we will be building the office to fit future Yuncture talents. Yuncture is currently out looking for potential Yunctures for the program, which will start in September 4th. In addition, the cooperation with Venture Cup has begun and a few weeks ago, Yuncture joined the Venture Cup regional finals.

SafetyRespect continues to grow abroad, which of course is really fun to see. A new factory in Istanbul is now up and running and it will make it possible for an capacity twice as much as it was before. In the United States, major projects are going on in Texas, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

In recent months, Hällingsjö House has focused a lot on starting to work on and check off the activity plan we put in connection with the new business plan. Now we have come to the stage that deals with the external communication. Together with Hammarviken, Hällingsjö has now started to work on a new website, which is expected to be launch in August. The building permit for the new factory in Hällingsjö is now all set, which means that we can start to build the new factory. The idea is to eventually transfer large parts of the business from Ubbhult to Hällingsjö.

Partnerinvest and Hammarviken Företagsutveckling have had several interesting meetings in different directions. It remains to be seen, and if so when, there is something more to tell about these meetings. At any rate, we are constantly in search of new company acquisitions and hope to be able to get something new in the Hammarviken Group shortly.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more. Perhaps you have some interesting company to suggest for us.