Feelings and quality in a website

After months of work together with Sould Reklambyrå, Hällingsjö Hus has finally launched its new website!

When Hammarviken bought a part of Hällingsjö Hus last year, a business plan was written. In the plan, we determined, among other things, that a new website should be produced. Hällingsjö sells quality. Therefore, it is also important that communication and marketing speak the same language. The work began with the fact that a few selected people at Hällingsjö Hus were able to answer what they thought was most important with a new website. Some special features, messages or other stuff needed to convey the right feeling. After receiving the answers, Josefin wrote a strategy for the website, approved by Roger, CEO Hällingsjö Hus, which was then sent to Sould Reklambyrå. After that, the agency has been working on. During a full day this autumn, Roger, Josefin and a photographer were outside and photographed a number of houses that Hällingsjö has built. An exciting day that resulted in amazing pictures.

And now the new website is finally in place. There is a big difference to the previous one, and both we and Hällingsjö look forward to inspire future house buyers.
Feel free to browse the website, and dream on for a little while.